Black Squad Community Rank Team Registration is now OPEN!

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Attention Soldiers,

The Community Rank (BSCR) Season 1 is about to begin! Before you can start participating in Community Cups to gather Community Points (BSCP), you must first register as a Team to compete!

We would like to give players more time to create and set up their teams for registration. So we are delaying the official start of the BSCR Season 1 to August 5th.

Team Rules
  • A Team consists of up to 6 Players.
  • A Team has to appoint a Team Leader who must register their team and members for BSCR before they can start collecting points for events. Teams that are not officially registered will be unable to play in Community Cups. Make sure to register for BSCR before playing in Cups if you want to make sure you receive BSCP.
  • A Team cannot change or trade its members during a season, teams which change or trade any members during the season will be disqualified from the BSCR. Make sure when signing up for Community Cup Events, that you sign up with the same Team Name and Team members. Information is cross-checked. Do not change Player IGN during this time or you will risk disqualification.
  • A Player shall belong to the region where an event is organized.
  • Players can only belong to one team during the BSCR Season 1.


Team Registration

All Team members must sign up and register at as a Pro Gamer. These are open registrations and new teams can continually sign up!

If you have already signed up, simply update your information and select ‘Submit’.

Team Leaders must fill out the following:

Event Name: ‘BSCR’
Role: Team Leader
Team Name:
Server Region:

Participating Team members must fill out:

Event Name: ‘BSCR’
Role: Team Member
Team Name:
Server Region:

We look forward to seeing your participation!

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