Very simple!
  • You need to go to this address or click on register at the top right to go to the registration page.
  • Once you have filled out the form correctly, the activation email will be sent to the mailbox. You must activate your account by clicking on the link that comes to the mail address.
    • If the mail is not in the mailbox, you can try the page language again in English.
  • You’re between us now!


Very simple!
  • You must go to this address or click on the “I forgot my password” at the top right and go to the password page.
  • After you enter the mail address or user name, the refresh address will be sent to the mailbox. You will be redirected to the page by clicking on the incoming address to refresh your password.
    • If the mail is not in the mailbox, you can try the page language again in English.
  • After you’ve renewed the password from this page, you can log in now.
  • That is all!


Very simple!
  • Keep in mind! Each user can create up to 1 team or can be found in 1 team!
  • The video at the bottom will help you!
    • You must wait after starting the tool builder, the theme will be loaded automatically.
    • We don’t recommend editing theme settings created! otherwise, some problems may occur. If you have a problem, you can let us know.
    • On the team page, you have to select the game section in the “bottom right”. Game selection allows you to participate in tournaments.
    • After all the arrangements are finished, you can click the share button at the top right. After the notification of the notification, you can exit the creator by clicking the cross at the top right.

To delete the team; You must start the builder again by entering the tool settings. You can delete the team by clicking on the cross on the builder screen to the right of the team name.


Very simple!
  • You can go to this address or go to the teams page from the menu. You must find the team you want to join from the Teams page.
  • You can apply by clicking the “apply” button on the team page you want to join.
    • If the team page is created correctly, you can see this button.
    • If you are not in another team, you can see this button.

If you want to confirm the applications as the team captain;

  • You must enter the members tab on the team page.
  • Here; You can view and confirm the applications made.


Very simple!
  • To join a tournament you must be a member of the site.
  • In general you will need a team to join a tournament!
  • You have to use MOSS in all tournaments! If you don’t know how to use it, you can browse the tab below.
  • There is team feature for each tournament;
    • There must be 2 member (s) for the 2vs2 tournament for example
    • There must be 5 member (s) for the 5vs5 tournament for example
  • You can go to this address or go to the tournaments page from the menu. From the Tournaments page, you must find the tournament you want to join.
  • Go to the page of the tournament you want to join; you can see the rules and descriptions. if you meet the requirements, you can join.
  • If you get the error to join a tournament;
    • In the games section of the team page you may not have made the selection of the game or made it wrong.
    • Your account may not be active.
    • You may not have a team.
  • To join the tournament, just click on the application button once!
  • Once you have made your application, you will be examined by the authorities, and will be given approval.
    • If there is no confirmation, the reason will be forwarded to your profile page by message. Try to ensure the conditions….
    • Innovations in the application and process will come as a notification to the profile page.

For a more detailed explanation, you can watch the video;


Very simple!
  • MOSS click to download
    1. Run the program as an administrator.
    2. You should select “BlackSquad” by clicking “FILE / PROPERTIES”.
    3. Click “CAPTURE / START” to start recording.
    4. To avoid “MOSS” file errors during recording, we do not recommend editing Game settings!
    5. You can stop recording by clicking “CAPTURE / STOP”.
    6. The recording file will be created on the desktop. We recommend that you edit the file name.
      • For example: “Nick – Clan name – Date – Time”
    7. You can upload your registration file to a cloud service and make it ready for the tournament….

Watch the video below for detailed information.

How does the tournament work?

Very simple!

On the tournament page;

  • If the tournament starts, matches will be created.
  • Participants, score tables and competitions will take place on this page.
  • You can see your match on this page, you can go to the match page by clicking on “TBD”.
  • You can score points from your match page, send MOSS files and report the match.
  • To reach your opponent; You can click on the team captain on the members page of the opposing team page.
  • You can contact them by sending a private message to competing members.
  • Be sure to read all the tournament-related rules!

Relevant to the tournament process, all the information you can get help is available in the video below. You can contact us for more information.


Very simple!
  • You can go to the profile page from the window at the top right.
  • You must click the Settings tab to edit the profile information.

  • You can edit the profile details on the opened page.
  • If you want to delete your account, you can click the “delete account” button.